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How do I Import Item Master from Excel to Tally

1. Login in to your Excel2Tally.in account

2. Select Template “Item Master” 

3. Click “Process Data” 

4. Add Company or Select Company in which you want to import data in Tally. (Company to be added manually)

5. Download Sample file format

6. Once you are ready with your excel data then Choose file and Upload Excel

7. Now Click Process Excel

8. Now Click Download XML

9. Now import the converted XML to Tally, using option import data > Masters > Modify with New data

10. In case data is not successfully imported in Tally then check Tally.imp file for data import log report or check message in calculator panel

Note: Stock Group & Stock Category will not be created automatically, you need to first create stock groups & category manually then import item master.

in case of any query, kindly write us on support@excel2Tally.in 

For more details visit www.excel2tally.in

Updated on April 10, 2018

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