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How do I Import Journal Voucher from Excel2Tally

1. Login in to your Excel2Tally.in account

2. Select Template “Journal Template”

3.Click “Process Data” 

4.Add Company & Select Template.

5.Download Sample file format

6. Once you are ready with your excel data then Choose file and Upload Excel 


      STEP – 1 

7. Now Click Process Excel


     STEP – 2

8. Now Click Download XML


     STEP – 3

9. Now import the converted XML to Tally, using option import data > Vouchers

10. In case data is not imported in Tally than check Tally.imp file for data import log report.

in case of any query, kindly write us on support@excel2Tally.in

For more details visit www.excel2tally.in

Updated on April 10, 2018

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