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How do I Import Amazon Commission & Settlement data to Tally?

In this article you will learn how to Import Amazon Settlement from Excel to Tally without technical skills.

You can import Order wise settlement in Tally.ERP9 and it helps you to identify order wise amount received and commission deducted in Tally.

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Follow Step by Step Process

1. Login in to your Excel2Tally.in account


2. Select Template “Amazon Commission”and/Or”Amazon Settlement”



3. Click “Process Data” 


4. Add Company & Select Template.

5. Download Sample file format

6. Once you are ready with your excel data then Choose file and Upload Excel

      STEP – 1 

7.Now Click Process Excel

         STEP – 2


8. Now Click Download XML

       STEP – 3


9. Now import the converted XML to Tally, using option import data > Vouchers

10. In case data is not imported in Tally than check Tally.imp file for data import log report.

Create Following Masters In Tally

Master Type Tally Name Additional Info
Voucher Type Amazon Commission Under Credit Note
Set Voucher Numbering – Manual, Prevent Duplicate – YES
Voucher Type Amazon Settlement Under Journal
Set Voucher Numbering – Manual, Prevent Duplicate – YES
Ledger Amazon.in Under Sundry Debtors
Create a new ledger or set as Alias in existing ledger
Ledger Amazon Settlement Account Under Current Assets
Ledger Selling Fees Under Indirect Expenses
Ledger FBA Fees Under Indirect Expenses
Ledger Other Transaction fees Under Indirect Expenses
Ledger Other Fees Under indirect Expenses
Ledger FBA Inventory Reimbursement – Customer Return Under indirect Expenses
Ledger Cost of Advertising Under indirect Expenses
Ledger Easy Ship delivery service fees Under indirect Expenses
Ledger Easy Ship weight handling fees Under indirect Expenses

How to take GST Credit?

Since we are using Amazon’s Date range payment report to import order wise commission & settlement data to tally, you might have observed that in this report Amazon does not provide separate GST calculated columns.

The amounts considered under Selling Fees, FBS Fees & Other Transaction Fees are Inclusive of GST @ 18%.

Amazon gives complete GST breakup in Seller Invoice Fees document at the end of the month.

  • Solution

Since the GST value is already considered in the commission voucher imported to tally, we will ass a separate journal voucher to take the GST credits based on the GST availed in the Seller Invoice Fees, Please refer below snapshot of both entries.

Commission Entry Inclusive of GST


Taking GST Credit Based on Seller Fees Invoice

Below is the sample example of GST back calculation working.

Important Note

– Please make sure that the ledger masters already exist in your tally data

– Option “Ignore errors during data import” should be YES. Find this option on Gateway of Tally > Press F12 > General

Updated on November 23, 2018

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