How do I Import Flipkart Tax Report to Tally

In this article you will learn how to import Flipkart Sales & Sales Return data to Tally.ERP9 using Flipkart Tax Report file.

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Follow Step by Step Process

1. Login in to your account


2. Select Template “Flipkart Tax Report”


3. Click “Process Data”


4. Add Company & Select Template.


5. Download Sample file format


Let me explain to you, How to download above format from Flipkart Seller Central

6.Login into your Flipkart seller account

7.Go to REPORTS and click on Report Centre

8. Click on Types of Reports & Select TAX REPORTS



10.Select the date & Click on GENERATE.

11. File downloaded from the flipkart will be having 3 sheets as below


2)Sales Report

3) Cash Back Report

You are required to copy & use the data only from SALES REPORT

12.You are required to Add a column UOM 

Remove Extra Space from the Column Name Order Approval Date & Seller Share

13. Once you are ready with your excel data then Choose file and Upload Excel

STEP – 1



14.Now Click Process Excel

STEP – 2



15. Now Click Download XML

STEP – 3




16. Now import the converted XML to Tally, using option import data > Vouchers

17. In case data is not imported in Tally than check Tally.imp file for data import log report.

Create Following Masters in Tally

Create following masters in Tally before you begin for Data Import.

We have also attached predefined required masters in XML format, this you can import in your Tally to Auto create the required masters with GST enabled parameters.

Download Sample XML from hereDownlaod Flipkart Masters in XMl Format

Master Type Name in Tally Additional info
Voucher Type Flipkart Sales Under Sales

Voucher Numbering – Manual – Prevent Duplicate – YES

Voucher Type Flipkart Returns Under Credit Note

Voucher Numbering – Manual – Prevent Duplicate – YES

Ledger Under Sundry Debtors

You can set as ALIAS to your existing ledger

Ledger Flipkart Seller Share Under Indirect Expense or Sales
Ledger Flipkart Bank Offer Share Under Indirect Expense or Sales
Ledger Shipping Charges Under Indirect Expense or Sales
Ledger CGST @ XX% Under Duties & Taxes
Ledger SGST @ XX% Under Duties & Taxes
Ledger IGST @ XX% Under Duties & Taxes
Ledger Sales GST Local @ XX% Under Sales Accounts

Inventory Values effected = YES

Ledger Sales GST Interstate @ XX% Under Sales Accounts

Inventory Values effected = YES

Stock Items As per SKU column You can create as per SKU name or set as ALIAS
UOM As per Tally

GSTR1 Helper

  • Error – “UoM not mapped with Unit Quantity Code (UQC)
  • Solution
    • Drill down to the error message and click on Map to UQC button and set the appropriate UQC from the list as per GST requirements, refer below snapshots
  • Error – Getting Difference of Rs. 0.01 or similar in many transactions
    • This error occurs when tax values in excel data is coming in more than 2 decimals but Tally supports values in 2 decimals only
  • Solution
    • Considering the real life business scenarios to accept the mismatch forcefully, Tally has provided button ALT+A Accept as is to resolve and consider the given tax value in reports
  • Error – Tax rate/tax type not specified
    • The possible reason for this issue is GST configuration has been not done in the Sales ledgers and Tax ledgers.
  • Solution
      • Please select appropriate GST tax type in Sales & GST ledgers to resolve this issue, as shown in below screen shots.
  •  Sales Return – Supplier/Original Invoice Number & Date Issue

You might have noticed below error in GSTR 1 when Sales return is imported to Tally.

This happens because currently Flipkart Tax Report does not provides Original Invoice Number & Date against the sales return record, so we are currently capturing order number in this field.

  • Solution

You are required to search the original invoice number from the seller portal for the selected order number and enter the same in Tally manually to resolve this error.

  • Error – Shipping Charges, Item Promotion, Discounts, Other charges are not getting considered for tax GST calculation

You might have noticed that other charges like Shipping, Item Promotion, etc are not getting considered for GST calculation and thus giving mismatch errors in GSTR-1.

  • Solution

Please follow below steps to resolve this issue.

You are require to Include these ledger in assessable value for calculation under GST.

  • Set GST Applicable = Not Applicable
  • Set Include in assessable value calculation = GST > Apportioned to Goods > Based on value

Important Note
  • If possible create separate Flipkart Tax Report voucher type with voucher numbering method manual & prevent duplicate = YES
  • Option “Ignore errors during data import” should be YES. Find this option on Gateway of Tally > Press F12 > General
Updated on November 23, 2018

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