Intuit’s QuickBooks products and services will no longer be available in India after 30 April 2023.

Are you looking to migrate data from QuickBooks to TallyPrime?

Follow the steps below to migrate data from QuickBooks to TallyPrime;

  1. Login to your QuickBooks Account and Navigate to the Left Side Menu “Reports
  2. Click on Custom Report and give the date range for which you want to export the data in Excel. While exporting data to excel tick and select all the available fields.
  3. Now create a free account or login to your account to import data from Excel to Tally
  4. Download the excel template for which you want to import data from QuickBooks to TallyPrime
  5. Copy the column wise data from QuickBooks Excel report to Excel to Tally Templates
  6. Now Convert Excel Data to the Tally compatible XML and Import the same in your TallyPrime

QuickBooks Custom Report Export


QuickBooks Custom Report Export 2



QuickBooks to Tally Migration Utility

QuickBooks to Tally Migration Conversion


QuickBooks to Tally XML Import

Which Data you can migrate from QuickBooks to TallyPrime?

Using our Excel to Tally Data Import Utility, You can migrate all the possible accounting & inventory data from QuickBooks to TallyPrime.

Refer below the list of available ready to use Excel Templates which you can use to import data from QuickBooks to Tally;

  1. Sales With Inventory Data
  2. Sales Without Inventory Data
  3. Purchase With Inventory Data
  4. Purchase Without Inventory Data
  5. Sales Orders Data
  6. Credit Note With Inventory Data
  7. Credit Note Without Inventory Data
  8. Debit Note With Inventory Data
  9. Debit Note Without Inventory Data
  10. Receipt Vouchers
  11. Payment Vouchers
  12. Journal Vouchers
  13. Stock Journal Vouchers
  14. Ledger Masters
  15. Item Masters

In each templates you will find an option to create Masters Automatically*, by choosing auto master option, while importing the data to Tally all the dependent masters will be created automatically to prevent errors.

How much does it cost to migrate data from QuickBooks to TallyPrime?

You can start with free trial of our utility and it will allows you to import 450 records in Tally in totality to check how it works & it’s accuracy.

Once you are through with the free trial option, you have a choice to subscribe our monthly templates which starts at just Rs. 270+GST/Template/Month or lifetime templates which starts at just Rs. 1800+GST/Template.

Whether you subscribe monthly or lifetime subscription, you will allow to convert and  import unlimited data from QuickBooks to TallyPrime.

We also have price saving offers and bundles for businesses and chartered accountants, check all our pricing options here or call on +917710010372/73/74 to know more about pricing options.

What is Template?

Template is nothing but an transaction type which you want to import in Tally. We have bifurcated all the supported transaction types in form of templates like sales template, purchase template, credit note template and so on….

There is no limitation in each template to convert and import data in Tally, however you are allowed to upload 9000 records at a time in each templates. if you have more the 9000 records then create separate excel files and upload & convert one by one

How can I get support to migrate Data from QuickBooks to TallyPrime?

For any assistance & demo regarding our Excel to Tally Data Import utility, you may reach to our expert support desk on +917710010372/73/74 available from Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 6:00PM.

You may schedule a free demo here –

You may write to us on an single window ticketing helpdesk for all the queries regarding Excel to Tally data import solutions.